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Boris Loder


Neimënster, Cloître et jardin Lucien Wercollier

The concept of identity often seems like a container that can be filled with very different, even contradictory contents. With Particles, Boris Loder transforms the notion of identity as a container into sculptural photographs. His cubes contain found objects that reflect the character of various sites in Luxembourg in compressed form. In this way, assumptions about urban planning intentions are contrasted with actual use. Fast food on a sports field or a drug stash near a renowned bank allude to socio-geographical realities that only very rarely surface in popular notions of Luxembourg.

How trashy a subject can be? Can an unworthy subject be a pretext for a worthy creation? Is modern creations the ultimate objective of the contemporary art? Boris has created an interesting work, which raised more questions than answers ... as it was supposed to do.


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