Luxembourg Volume II


Images of Luxembourg from 2015 to 2018

by Nikos Zompolas


Texts: Jean-Christophe Béchet,

Ian De Toffoli,

Paulo Lobo and

Nikos Zompolas


Dimensions 210 x 280 mm
Hard cover
112 pages 

51 photographs

Languages: French and English (two poems in Luxembourgish)



Published with the support of the Fonds Culturel National, Luxembourg

Editor: Cube Art Editions

ISBN 9782919956210

Same Trailer, Different Park


Photographs by Nikos Zompolas
Foreword by Nikos A. Milionis

Collection of photographs from Istanbul to Reykjavik


People are the same the world over
Each place is different.


Dimensions 330 x 280 mm

Hardcover, Dust Jacket

42 pages

35 photographs

Language: English 





ISBN : 9781389372346