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William Kentridge


12.11.2021 20:00,

Théâtre des Capucins, Luxembourg

William Kentridge performance, mise en scène, livret d’après Kurt Schwitters Ariadne Greif soprano Peter Kuit claquettes Igor Semenoff violon Sabine Theunissen scénographie Janus Fouché montage vidéo

Kurt Schwitters, William Kentridge: Ursonate

Opening the festival rainy days, William Kentridge transforms Kurt Schwitters’ famous Ursonate of 1932 into a multimedia performance. Kentridge’s rendition of the seminal dada sound poem, in which he is joined by the tap dancer Peter Kuit and the improvising vocalist Ariadne Greif, cannot be perceived merely by ear – one must also see it.

Interesting performance based on the visual work of Kentridge.


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