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Theatre Luxembourg 2018-19

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

In brief

28/09/2018 TOL, Wow de Eugénie Anselin, she is very talented, waiting for something more developed than that.

24/11/2018 TOL, Dans la solitude des champs de coton de Bernard-Marie Koltès, interesting play but not inspiring production

25/11/2018 Théâtre du Centaure, Textes sans frontière La Grèce, Journée littéraire, Dimitris Dimitriadis, Yannis Mavritsakis et Maria Efstathiadi, very interesting, ha, ha, where the Greeks have been?

27/11/2018 Théâtre des Capucins, Abigail’s Party of Aaron Posner, directed by Douglas Rintoul, good play

26/1/2019 Théâtre du Centaure, Pièce en plastique de Marius von Mayenburg, not bad but too many things

2/2/2019 TNL, EUROPE – My Heart Will Be Broken and Eaten is inspired by Jean Cocteau’s written by the romanian author Salat Lehel and directed by the German director Armin Petras, interesting, it is all?

5/2/2019 Kasemattentheater, The Place, It Has a Name Projekt Frei–Raum, Lisa Kohl, scenography, video, installation, Elsa Rauchs, voice, performance, Ian De Toffoli, text, dramaturgy, interesting but too short

5/2/2019 Kasemattentheater, Elsa and Ian, interview to RTL after the performance, Photo NZ


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