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Updated: Apr 19, 2018


Mise en scène Véronique Fauconnet Décor et costumes Jeanny Kratochwil

Avec Sandy Lewis Godefroy Steeve Brudey Joël Delsaut Jérôme Varanfrain

Race is a play by David Mamet that premiered on Broadway in December 2009. Mamet has stated that the intended "theme is race and the lies we tell each other on the subject."

Do we living in a “postracist” society? Charles McNulty LA Times Basically, the characters seem more like position points in an argument than fully individualized figures, and the situation isn't developed into anything more than a moot court, in which nothing is resolved and all sides end up looking bad.

Overall, there's a tentative quality to "Race" that stems from Mamet's determination to maintain the ambiguity of the situation he contrives (and contrived it often is). Not only is Charles' guilt an open question, but the motivations of all the characters are inscrutable to a degree. This approach might be intellectually commendable, but it makes for wan drama.


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