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Photography in Berlin

Updated: Apr 19, 2018

05 11 2017

Beginning of November 2017

Emin Ozmen

Interesting exhibitions as usual. The ones that I like most

1. TÜRKIYELI – Zeitgenössische Fotografie aus der Türkei  Emine Akbaba, Göksu Baysal, Kürşat Bayhan, Ceren Saner, Barbaros Kayan (fantastic idea with photos that the bodies of the Syrian refugees was replaced by photos of their home town after the bombing), Kemal Aslan (excellent reportage), and last but not least Emin Ozmen (deserves the Magnum nomination – excellent Magnum photos tradition)

2. The Wall – Congratulations to the curator Dr Christiane Stahl participating artists Kai Wiedenhöfer | Edmund Clark | Ohad Matalon | Francesco Jodice | Sibylle Bergemann | Arno Fischer | Ute Mahler | Ulrich Wüst / Harf Zimmermann | Rudi Meisel | Gundula Schulze Eldowy | Karl-Ludwig Lange | Wilfried Bauer | Jörn Vanhoefen | Giovanni Chiaramonte / Mario Dondero | Christoph Bangert | Sebastião Salgado | Raymond Depardon | Larry Towell | Thomas Hoepker

3. Borderlands, good work of the young Irish-German Valentina Culley-Foster


4. Silver, fantastic result from Peter Klare, a painter in the first place

5. Wildsidewest – Anna Lehmann-Brauns, fantastic pictures fro LA gay bars


6. Oder die Gegenwart des Zweifels- Joachim Richau, very professional and

visually interesting

7. Shadow lines – Im Schatten der Linie of Jeanloup Sieff – some very good pictures


8. Tomorrow is Everything Students of the Neue Schule fur Fotografie – Trying too much for something different

9. Fotoaktuell – Willi Ruge and Message to the future - Danny Lyon (expected better)

10. Lebensszenen I like Andreas Trogisch Undressed-Testino , unseen Newton I have enough, it’s time for something new in this house


11. Stages – Sabine Scrunder


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