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Hofesh Shechter Company

Grand Théâtre / Grande Salle

Mardi 23 Oct 2018 à 20h00

Political Mother brims with Shechter’s emotional and gritty complexity. Pulsating live music, extraordinary ensemble sequences, and cinematic editing make Political Mother a dance experience like no other. Political Mother features a band of live drummers and electric guitarists. This piece promises to draw audiences back to Shechter’s world whose astonishing unisons, percussive grooves and raw, honest physicality mark him as one of the most exciting artists to emerge in recent years.

» Political Mother is [...] as ambitious and as headsdown, hair-prickingly exhilarating as modern dance gets [...]. Part dance show, part heavy-rock gig, Hofesh Shechter’s first ever full-length work is an audio-visual marvel [...]. The existential anguish; the uniquely tribal, simian steps; the driving score (by Shechter himself), the cinematic, spot-lit “jumpcuts” between different parts of the stage – all are here, but cranked up to a new, astonishing level. The Telegraph, Mark Monahan

» In Political Mother, Shechter returns to his most characteristic theme, puzzling over the mechanisms of state and society, but his focus here is on the ways in which ideals of camaraderie, duty and service can be annexed and brutalised by a repressive power. The Guardian, Judith Mackrell

Visionary composite artistic experience.


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