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Fidelio - Achim Freyer

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Ludwig van Beethoven

Grand Théâtre / Grande Salle

Musikalische Leitung Marc Minkowski Inszenierung, Bühne & Licht Achim Freyer Kostüme Achim Freyer & Amanda Freyer Mitarbeit Bühne & Kostüme Petra Weikert Lichtgestaltung Franz Tscheck Video Jacob Klaffs, Hugo Reis

Photo: Monika Ritterhaus

Achim Freyer studied theatre with Bertolt Brecht in 50s. He approaches painting as an artistic production: movement, time, space, content. He approaches theatre as a visual language: each gesture, each way of speaking, each colour, each position in space, each light – each change is language. His job is to put these elements together. Well done!

Masked singers with heavily painted faces, puppets and colourfully costumed figures on a macabre scaffold set. A visually interesting and far more creative approach compared to a conservative and boring setting.Certainly, in line with the nature of this art: vive l’ opera, vive le surrealism!

Photo: Monika Ritterhaus


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