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Théâtre des Capucins

mercredi 18 NOVEMBRE 2020 à 20h00

Conception Sophie Langevin & Ian De Toffoli Mise en scène Sophie Langevin Texte Ian De Toffoli Scénographie & costumes Marie-Luce Theis Dramaturgie Mikaël Serre Lumières Mathias Roche Création vidéo Anne Braun Création son Rajivan Ayyappan Assistant à la mise en scène Jonathan Christoph

Avec Garance Clavel, Denis Jousselin, Renelde Pierlot, Luc Schiltz, Pitt Simon

Beyond ethics which is my favourite philosophy area, I was thinking of the double facet of your play: rationality and drama. Given that AI is not good or bad but rather the natural development in our civilisation´s paradigma, I was wondering whether your drama is not a tragedy in Plato´s sense. In your play, in the universe of rationality, the hero cannot shape his own destiny and it becomes a victim of what he thought he perfectly controlled. I wonder what George Steiner would have argued if he was still alive.


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