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Anne Simon et Nora Koenig


The end of utopia

As female artists and mothers, Nora Koenig and Anne Simon asked themselves if it was really possible to have it all as they had tried to convince themselves over the last years. Although both come from quite privileged backgrounds and are fully aware that society has come a long way, they have both found themselves in situations where they had to admit that the perfectly instagrammable totally-possible- career-and-family-trope is a blinding, cultural and socio-economic model that in the end does nothing more than to play along the rules of an unhealthy system that has its roots in the same structures that we’re all still fighting.

Thus, with the ministry of culture’s pandemic relief – research at home grant, they started brainstorming and drafting first possible narratives of social fiction on the question of a society run by women. What if it were up to a group of women – inspired by historical or mythical figures – to rebuild society from scratch but they only had a limited amount of time to reshape the world? Is a society based on equity, social justice and peace truly possible? How could such a world function? What old familiar structures would have to be destroyed? What cultural differences would come to light? What new problems or ambiguïties would those megalomaniac utopias entail? And what beautifully radical, well-intended ideas are at risk to sooner or later tip into the dystopic?

During their residency at neimënster, the duo will focus on project development: assembling a team, researching production possibilities and narrowing down narrative paths and formal choices.

Very nice work, consistent and interesting pop art approach.


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